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New David Olney & Anana Kaye "Whispers And Sighs" album is available now. 


"There's a poignancy to these 11 swan songs and their dreamy beauty magnified by marvelous singing"


"Whispers And Sighs is a masterpiece, a parting gift from an imagination of genius. This collaboration between David Olney and the brilliant Irakli Gabriel and Anana Kaye grabs you from the first listen and doesn’t let go."

Mary Gauthier

"While the rockier cuts, especially "last Days of Rome", are monumental, the Olney ballads, especially "The World We Used to Know" and "Behind Your Smile", gnaw at the heart"


"A beautiful record. Only wisdom and deep experience can make music like this".

Mike Scott, The Waterboys

"Together, they create a dreamy song cycle that reveals intimate self-portraits, myths, and existential tales exposing the various crutches we use to cope with our own impermanence. It’s as though we are hovering, riding a magic carpet that eloquently transcends time and space."



"This lush, acoustic instrumentation lays out a gorgeous musical bed that perfectly highlights Olney’s and Kaye’s vocals front and center."


"Unique, sonic landscape that blends the haunting sensuality of European music with the intimacy of Americana"


"Maybe, just maybe, David Olney had saved his best-ever album until last.  Whispers and Sighs’, co-performed with the immensely talented Anana Kaye, shouldn’t be looked on as a posthumous tribute to a remarkably talented musician, but rather it should be viewed as a life-affirming homage to human connection....Within it is an undeniable reminder that David Olney’s extraordinary legacy can never fade, while Anana Kaye’s star grows deservedly brighter by the day."


Whispers And Sighs (Digital Download)

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