" “American Smile,” without a doubt, is one of the loveliest songs of the year.It’s rich and strong, yet tender and translucent; dynamic and proximate, yet warm and elegant in texture and tone. "

 -The Huffington Post

"Detour is exquisite, full of uncompromising fluidity, infectious hypnotic rhythms, electrifying sonic sensations, and the nonpareil voice of Anana Kaye."


 "A deliberate instrumentation creates a unique sound for the single. Hints of 1970s rock and alternative music represent the major elements of this track, but the song is surprisingly deep"

 -NeuFutur Magazine

"Amongst the millions of souls wandering the streets of New York City, Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel somehow managed to find one another to create a mesmerizing duo that not only creates stunning music, but also visual art."

 -Vents Magazine


 " Their new EP, Sentient, is a brilliant showcase of Anana’s soulful, husky voice and heartfelt delivery matched up Irakli’s left-of-center approach to the guitar."


 " “Marie” presents the lush confluence of post-rock and ambient nuances shrouding their beautiful singer-songwriter intentions. "


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