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Ain't Dead Yet

Waiting For Your Love


Devil in the Rearview Mirror


American Smile (Bonus Track)



When is a song first sentient?

The moment it begins to listen.

— haiku by John Clark Helzer





AIN’T DEAD YET is based on a Freddie Stevenson fairytale lyric. Freddie and Irakli experimented with the words before shelving them for awhile. Later, when Anana read them, she fell in love. After the drum loop dropped into place, the guitar riff appeared almost as if by magic. Mike Scott of the Waterboys added several lines.

WAITING FOR YOUR LOVE was written as a pretty fast number by Irakli with Freddie—a nod to “Nutbush City Limits” with a bit of AC/DC. But when Anana slowed it down a bit and came up with that groove, it clicked with the bluesy riff.

CAROLINA started out with a Nirvana/Pixies sound—screaming guitars and heavier drums—before taking a few spins around the countryside and finding a more melodic, Fleetwood Mac-tinted vibe. A long way from Carolina, the lyrics were born suddenly while Irakli was snorkeling in the Caribbean. Luckily, he managed to keep them all in his head until he could reach land!

DEVIL IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR originated as a Tom Waits-ish rhumba until after a few takes it showed more life played as a rockier, Stones-y number. Aaron Nevezie created the psychedelic outro with a trippy analog synthesizer and David Luther contributed saxophone.

MARIE came to Anana like a dream on the piano… the final cut features her original demo track. Once the band got their hands on a studio Mellotron, they knew right away that ambient was the best way to bring this song to life. It’s “Anana’s European Gothic Ballad” as Mike Scott from The Waterboys described it.


A toast to Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Kris Kristofferson, Leonard Cohen, B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, Zbigniew Preisner, and especially our partner in crime Aaron Nevezie, who recorded and helped produce SENTIENT at the magical Bunker Studio in Williamsburg.

Musicians who played on the record:

Anana Kaye - vocals, piano, keys

Irakli Gabriel - guitars, keys

Aaron Nevezie - guitar/synth on "Devil in the Rearview Mirror", bass on "Carolina"

Sam Feldman - guitar on "Carolina", "Waiting for Your Love"

John Davis - bass

Robby Sinclair - drums, percussion

Dave Burnett - drums on "Carolina"

David Luther – Saxophone "Devil in the Rearview Mirror"

Freddie Stevenson - Backing Vocals “Carolina”

Jacque Ryal - Backing Vocals “Ain’t Dead Yet”

Album Artwork Duende Vision.

Liner notes by John Clark Helzer.

Sentient CD

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